Starting the Year Strong… WARRIOR STRONG!

We are a already a couple months into the 2019/2020 school has been a very busy but amazing couple of months and God is blessing our wonderful school in new ways! We have been working hard, making new friends, and trying new things at Faith Christian Academy and High School. We welcomed many new students at the elementary and high school levels and it has been very exciting. They have all brought a wonderful energy to our small school and I really believe this is going to be an amazing year!


We had our first Warrior on Warriors (WOW) Day in September and it was a day full of school spirit and memory making fun! We had an all school chapel; students watched a SuperBook movie about the Creation to support what they have been studying in Bible class. After the movie, we had our Warrior Winning Hour for 1st-12th grade. This is a reward time students receive for doing all their homework, classwork, and for having good behavior in class. Following that, we had an all school rally at Warrior Park. The kids and teachers played games, cheered, and had a lot of silly fun! After lunch, the junior high and high school students had an intramural game of soccer. We mixed up all the kids to set the teams and let them play. The Brazilian students taught our other students some of their soccer skills and it was fun to watch them play all together. It really was a day of bonding, school spirit and fun! We liked this day so much that we continued on to have another in October and we are planning to continue with them once a month!


Overall, I believe that God is moving and blessing our school in new and exciting ways. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming months have in store for all of our students and staff!

- Written by Mrs. Kimberly Chaney

Faith Christian High School Brings Home a Win at Scrimmage Game

Wow! After watching our Faith Christian Warrior Soccer team on the field, we knew these boys had some amazing talent! 


In late August, Faith Christian High School played a scrimmage game against Coalinga High School at the West Hills College practice field. It was an exciting match between both schools. Both teams played hard and gave it their all on the field. As the boys darted across the field, you could see their strength and determination as well as their love for the sport! This game had the crowd on the edge of their seats, cheering the boys on as they showed how hard they have been working.  


Coach Bruno has done an excellent job coaching these players! His skill set and playing experience has really shown that he is the best person for the job, and we are glad that he has joined our Faith Christian family!  


Even though we had the smaller team, they were able to keep pace with Coalinga High School and give them a good challenge. One of our goals is to prove that it’s not the size of the team that matters but it’s the drive and grit of each player on the field as well as their willingness to push through any obstacle. We are grateful for our new students and their abilities as they continue to play soccer for us. We look forward to cheering at more of their games throughout the year!  


Back to School Updates

Welcome everyone to the 2019/2020 school year! We are so excited for this new school year and for everything we have planned for our students. There is a lot going on this year and we are so thrilled that you are on this journey with us! Here are some of this years highlights:

Welcoming our International Students

We welcomed 12 Brazilian students to our Faith Christian family this school year! We have partnered with the A10 Academy in Brazil to help bring students to North America to attend school, work towards obtaining their high school diploma and be part of a soccer program here in the states. They are already such an amazing blessing to our school and we are so thrilled that they are joining us this year. 

Faith Christian Pre-School 2 Year Old Program

We expanded our preschool program this year to include the acceptance of two year olds. Our teachers made it their goal over the summer to get this up and running for this year. One thing that we emphasized with this program is that we are teaming up with parents to help the “potty-training” process with their little ones. Our preschool teachers are also focusing on hands-on learning for these little ones to encourage a strong developmental growth. This is something we are super happy to move forward with this year. 

Faith Christian High School Soccer Team

Faith Christian High School is proud to announce that we have a soccer team this year! This is a first for us and we couldn’t be more excited. Our team is composed of amazing students/players who are incredibly talented and have such a strong motivation and love for the sport. A majority of these athletes are our international students from Brazil who came to North America to play soccer and attend high school. These students also have an awesome coach - Bruno Brumati. Bruno was born and raised in Brazil and came over to California to play soccer while he was attending college. We are so excited  to cheer them on this year and watch them have an amazing season. GO WARRIORS!  

Moving our High School Students Back to the High School Campus

It’s been a little bit of time since we have held classes at our high school campus. We moved all high school students to our main campus a couple of years ago as we had a smaller sized group of  high school students. However, this year we grew tremendously and knew it was time to make our way back home. So, our high school teachers set-up their classrooms over the summer and welcomed our new and returning high school students.

This year has truly been a blessing for us in so many ways and it has only just begun. We are so grateful to all of our teachers, parents and community members invested in Faith Christian. Your support and kindness mean the world to us. We are more than just a school; we are a family. WE ARE WARRIORS!

Welcome to Our Updated Website!

We are so exited to share our updated website with you all! If you have visited the previous version of our website, you will notice a lot of the new changes and additions we have made. At Faith Christian Academy, we always strive to provide the BEST for students and parents, and this update gives us the opportunity to share with you more of the current events and updates on campus as well as what’s to come in the future.

Now we can’t spoil all of the new and exciting things to come this next school year so we hope this post gets you as excited as we are!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to check for updates over the summer!

- FCA Staff