Faith Christian High School Brings Home a Win at Scrimmage Game

Wow! After watching our Faith Christian Warrior Soccer team on the field, we knew these boys had some amazing talent! 


In late August, Faith Christian High School played a scrimmage game against Coalinga High School at the West Hills College practice field. It was an exciting match between both schools. Both teams played hard and gave it their all on the field. As the boys darted across the field, you could see their strength and determination as well as their love for the sport! This game had the crowd on the edge of their seats, cheering the boys on as they showed how hard they have been working.  


Coach Bruno has done an excellent job coaching these players! His skill set and playing experience has really shown that he is the best person for the job, and we are glad that he has joined our Faith Christian family!  


Even though we had the smaller team, they were able to keep pace with Coalinga High School and give them a good challenge. One of our goals is to prove that it’s not the size of the team that matters but it’s the drive and grit of each player on the field as well as their willingness to push through any obstacle. We are grateful for our new students and their abilities as they continue to play soccer for us. We look forward to cheering at more of their games throughout the year!